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My love for wine began a long time ago; I was fascinated by everything relating to it. From labels, to bottles, to the elegance seeping out when the beloved nectar spirals down from the bottle into a glass. This love grew beyond mere passion, becoming a project, a reality. My curiosity has never diminished since then; it has led me to further my knowledge and interest in the product and everything else related to my professional life.

My business was partially established thanks to fate; I had seen an ad posted by an Alba wine shop which was interested in purchasing wine. I sold them my collection that I had patiently set aside; it certainly wasn’t a business deal considering the paltry and insignificant profit I made, but I quickly realised how much I enjoyed the interaction, and that all I had to do was find the right path to be become productive as well. So I made the decision to turn my passion into a job, with the promise of stepping into a new world composed of many nuances and continuous changes that make it even more attractive, and if you will, unique if done with enthusiasm.

Today I am fortunate to know many collectors and industry experts who help me and are a reference point in the market. Over my lifetime I have been lucky to touch many important bottles: a 1990 Romanée Conti, an exceptional Burgundy, a 1971 Gaja Barbaresco and many more. Today my goal is to help others become familiar with this wide range of products, including those from small producers who work wonderfully but are not well known.

Magda Baran has been working alongside me in this project, and she directly deals with market techniques. She has brought the company innovation and a wealth of novelty, embarking on an interesting and hopefully prosperous adventure.